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Aer Lingus: A little info about the Airline.

On the twenty-second day of May 1936, Aer Lingus was officially and formally recognized as an airline. Deriving its name from aer loingeas¸ which simply means air fleet in English, the airline made its first flight in Bristol, England and Dublin, Ireland over the Baldonnel Airfield just a few days after it was founded. On the said flight, it used a De Havilland 84 Dragon biplane capable of seating a maximum of six passengers. After this feat, the air line acquired a new aircraft, the De Havilland 84B Dragon Express, which had the capacity to seat fourteen passengers.

On January 1940, the city of Dublin finished constructing a new airport; hence, the Irish airline moved their headquarters there. But with the start of the Second World War, most of the airline’s flights were prohibited to fly to their scheduled destinations.
It was only after the war ended on November 9, 1945, was the airline’s regular operations implemented. The reopening of the said airline called for an inaugural celebration with its initial flight to London after the said war. Together with this celebration was the airline management’s decision to have the airplane’s colors changed to silver and green. Simultaneously, the Airline introduced their internationally competitive flight attendants.

One significant passenger made the airline more famous and internationally known. On September 1979, the holy pope John Paul II rode Airlingus over Rome to Dublin and eventually to Boston from Shannon aboard a customized Boeing 747.

In 2001, despite a vital decision implemented by the airline’s management to reduce employees, unlist some countries in their destinations, and drop a number of aircrafts after the horrible attacks on the World Trade Center, Aer Lingus was still able to successfully get back to the business of flying clients across the skies comfortably. This was made possible by the airline’s strategy of lowering their price base, maximizing the use of modern airbus equipment in their planes, and introducing more European routes while maintaining its other international flights.

Considered the national airliner of Ireland, it launched new flights to the Middle Eastern region and now serves the Dubai United Arab Emirates airlines. Airingus has its bases in Dublin and now has a recorded thirty aircraft serving the skies of Europe, United States, and the recently added Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is important to mention that 28 percent of the airliner is owned by the Irish government. Aer Lingus is also a recognized member of the airline alliance named Oneworld, although it has divulged to the public its plans of leaving the organization soon, particularly in April next year. As of year 2004, airline records show a good €906.8 million in returns and a total of 4,000 employees and staff.

Within twenty-five years in their continuous service of providing comfort to air travelers, it boasts of a lot of advancement and modernization in their facilities. More routes have now been incorporated and currently enjoyed by many travelers. Needles to say, all these advancement and modernization are put to the picture to encourage and accommodate a diversified client base that is continuously growing.

New routes to Dublin-Newcastle, Cork-Lanzarote, and three other destinations have already been included by the airline management just last October 2006. The establishment of these new routes is part of the management’s plan of providing new services and more destinations to Europe. These additional services would mean more flights every week for the airline and an estimate of fifteen thousand more passengers.

In addition, the airline plans to acquire two additional Airbus A330s in the second quarter of 2007. This will mean nine additional aircraft for the overseas division, twenty-six more flights weekly, and a total of 120 long-haul flights weekly from the United States of America and Dubai. This will further enhance the airline’s impression in the American market and a good boost in its long-haul expansion plans.

As of the latest count, the airline now has three 269-seater Airbus A330-200, four 327-seater Airbus A330-300, six 212-seater Airbus A321-200, and twenty-two174-seater Airbus A320-200—all with an outstanding average fleet age of four years.

Low Fares, Way Better—that’s the new slogan and the company’s promise of giving you a worth-your-every-penny experience in every flight. It is of course a natural mistake to spell aerlingus, airlingus thousands do every month and we hope this website assists them.

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